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You can study this programme in 3 or 4 year. More Details see below. 

Tuition fees: € 22,250 including study materials, the study trip and projects.

start dates: January and September

Application deadline EU students:

  • September enrolment: 1st of September
  • January enrolment: 1st of January
Worum geht's im Studium

About Hotel and Event Management

Welcome to this unique bachelor programme which combines hotel management and event management. Enter the world of top hotels, restaurants, festivals and events. After earning your Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree, you will be able to turn any stay and event into a success.

A bright future lies ahead, you can work as e.g. a hotel manager, event manager, food & beverage manager, marketing or communication manager or you can start your own business.

Is this the right bachelor programme for you?

Tio’s Hotel and Event Management bachelor programme offers you the best of two worlds: a traditional hotel management degree combined with aspects of event management. Do you recognise yourself in the following description? Are you:

  • Hospitable?
  • Interested in the hotel industry?
  • An organisational talent?
  • Curious?
  • Entrepreneurial?
  • Interested in other cultures?
  • Curious about food concepts?
  • A team player?

Fahrräder der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Why do students choose Hotel and Event Management?

Why should you choose Tio Business School and the Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree? Simple: because the hotel and event sector is looking for well-educated managers such as yourself and because this bachelor’s degree was awarded the title of best hotel management degree in the Netherlands. Below, you can read more about why students choose this bachelor degree.

  1. Tio offers accelerated studying: complete a bachelor’s degree in just 3 years and an Associate degree in 2 years.
  2. The hotel and catering industry has a need for well-trained managers.
  3. Event management and the hotel industry are closely related. That is why Tio offers the combination of a hotel management degree with event management.
  4. You study at the Netherlands’ best hotel management degree programme (for 6 years, as elected by the Higher Education Guide).
  5. E-commerce is an important aspect of the programme.
  6. You will have many career opportunities available to you after completing this bachelor's degree.
  7. At Tio there is a strong focus on personal development and supervision.

Study programme Hotel and Event Management

Practical is the keyword: learning by doing! Circa 60% of the Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree has a practical focus. The curriculum was designed in collaboration with branch associations and networking organisations HotelloTOP, IDEA, the Fellowship for Event Managers, and the Royal Dutch Hotel and Catering Association and experts from the field. This ensures the study programme ties in well with the sector’s needs and the latest trends.


The curriculum is divided into four components: hotel management, event management, entrepreneurship & e-commerce and internship & final thesis. Given the importance of having international experience, you complete at least one component of your study programme abroad (e.g. an internship, graduation project or an international exchange programme).

Highlight: Project Hotel and event week

You will be running a hotel with your fellow students. In the first semester you will be busy preparing for the project. Keep the hotel running smoothly for a week: personnel planning, cooking, serving, allocating rooms, housekeeping, front office, assisting guests, organising workshops. Bachelor’s degree in 3 or 4 years Ambitious students can obtain a bachelor’s degree at Tio in just three years. If you achieve satisfactory results in the first year, you may qualify for the accelerated bachelor programme. Students who opt for the four-year programme can participate in the grand international Tour, which gives students the opportunity to study abroad at Tio’s partner universities for two semesters. You can also earn your Associate degree in just two years. 

Bachelor's degree in 3 or 4 years

Ambitious students can obtain a bachelor’s degree at Tio in just three years. If you achieve satisfactory results in the first year, you may qualify for the accelerated bachelor programme. Students who opt for the four-year programme can participate in the grand international Tour, which gives students the opportunity to study abroad at Tio’s partner universities for two semesters. You can also earn your Associate degree in just two years.

Career opportunities

There are many roads open to you when you earn your Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree. What about working as an event manager at Tomorrowland (ID&T) or as a banqueting manager at the Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand. You can also work as a hotel manager or organiser of conferences.

What can you do and where can you work?

What can you do once you complete the Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree at Tio Business School?

Nearly every sector of industry has a need for well-trained managers with excellent organisational skills. After completing this bachelor’s degree, you can therefore have your pick of many positions and areas of expertise.

Think of professions such as:

  • Hotel manager
  • Food & beverage manager
  • Event manager
  • Wedding planner
  • Convention organiser
  • Marketing manager
  • Consultant
  • Duty manager
  • Reservations manager
  • Front office manager
  • General manager
  • Entrepreneur

Where can you work? Examples include:

  • Event organisations Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Theme parks
  • Convention and fair venues
  • Cultural centres
  • Multinationals
  • Banking and insurance sector
  • Cruise ships
  • Marketing agencies
  • Consultancy firms
  • Your own business

Do you want to continue your education after completing the Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree? This bachelor’s degree grants you access to many domestic and foreign master’s degrees. 

Fahrräder der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tio Business School is located in The Netherlands. This country is the perfect place to start your international career, since the Netherlands is (and always has been) the trading centre of the World. Dutch people are known for their spirit of commerce, open-mindedness towards people from different countries, international ambitions and innovative ways of thinking. The ideal place for an international education. Tio's international campuses can be found in Amsterdam and Utrecht.


Who would not want to study in the vibrant and innovative capital of Amsterdam? Tio Amsterdam is the largest of all of Tio’ s campuses, but still smallscaled and very personal. It is a modern campus with a hint of that typical Amsterdam bravura and an international character. Tio Amsterdam is located just a three-minute walk from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station.


Utrecht is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to study in a true student city. There is always something to do at Tio Utrecht, thanks to its international character and the many activities which take place at the campus. This campus is the most centrally located, that’s why it’s obvious that students from all over the Netherlands and far beyond find their way to Tio Utrecht. The Utrecht campus is just a ten minute walk from the Central Station and close to the city centre.


Where better to learn the true meaning of the word “international” than in the port of Rotterdam? View the city’s impressive skyline from the Euromast or visit the latest hotspot, the Markthal. Around Tio Rotterdam, you will find plenty of trendy places to eat and drink and the Manhattan on the Meuse also hosts plenty of fantastic events. The Rotterdam campus is just a minute walk from the amazing Central Station of Rotterdam and is located in the city’s business heart, amidst multinational corporations such as Unilever and Coolblue.


Eindhoven is a leading knowledge city. Multinationals such as ASML, Philips and VDL play an important role in this. This is a fantastic environment from which to launch your professional career. The Eindhoven campus is located eight minutes from Central Station Eindhoven on foot, right in the middle of the wonderful city centre.

About Tio

Tio’s recognized bachelor programmes will prepare you for a career in business, hospitality and tourism industry. Tio offers high quality education based on an unique concept: education in a small-scale environment, with personal attention. The bachelor programmes have been among the best in the Netherlands for years and are ranked #1 in various rankings, for example the Higher Education Guide.

Student society Cognatio

The national student society Cognatio is the student association of Tio. It is a great society that offers you the opportunity to make new friends for life and expand your network. Together with Cognatio, you can make the most of your student days. 

Study Places

  • Amsterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Eindhoven (Dutch only)
  • Hengelo (Dutch only)
  • Rotterdam (Dutch only)


International office
St. Jacobsstraat 400
3511 BT Utrecht
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)30 7 999 000

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